Squirrels in the attic? Squirrels in your crawl space or eaves? Those scurrying sounds in the attic may well be Gray, Fox, Flying or Pine squirrels - which love to invade attics, and occasionally walls of structures. Call today for removal solutions to rid your home of squirrel problems!

Identifying Squirrels

There are many types of squirrels, including the tree squirrel, ground squirrel, and flying squirrel. Each squirrel can contribute a generous amount of damage in a short amount of time, and have similar characteristics.

Appearance & Habitat

Tree Squirrels

Tree squirrels are generally 1-2 feet long, including their large and bushy tails! Their coats come in shades of gray, brown, or black, and have light colored underbellies. Tree squirrels enjoy living among hardwood or coniferous forests where ground cover is plentiful. The nests these squirrels make are located high in trees, and made of twigs and leaves.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels are generally smaller in size compared to a tree squirrel, and have shorter tails and shorter hair. Their coloring ranges from reddish-gray to smoky brown and may have black spots or stripes. Ground squirrels create extensive, deep burrows with multiple exits to nest in. They prefer to live among open grasslands.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels, the smallest of the three, have webbed skin between their fore and hind limbs and are typically light brown or gray. Because they are nocturnal, they have large eyes that help them see at night. Flying squirrels make their homes in the crevices of trees or abandoned bird’s nests. The small and nocturnal creatures prefer to live in wooded areas where they are able to glide from treetop to treetop.

Entry & Damage

Squirrels will feed off of human food and garbage whenever possible. Acorns and other items in your yard may attract squirrels to your home. Squirrels will seek out safe and warm shelter in your attic and walls! Ground squirrels will burrow in yards and farmers fields in search of food and to create nests, causing extensive holes and hazards to livestock.

Squirrels are very destructive wildlife animals. Damage is created upon entry alone, and once inside your home or yard, the damages will only escalate. In a short amount of time, squirrels can create burrows all around your yard, ruining vegetation. Inside your home, electrical wires will be chewed, insulation will be pulled and soiled, and personal items will be gnawed.

Squirrel Control

Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of Salt Lake City has extensive training and knowledge on the trapping and removal of tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. Our methods are humane and efficient. Trust Critter Control of Salt Lake City to use squirrel specific removal techniques and get rid of your squirrel problem for good!

Control & Safety

Keeping squirrels out of your home or off your property can be a challenging task. Critter Control of Salt Lake City implements a variety of control methods to ensure these persistent animals do not return and cause more problems. Call Critter Control of Salt Lake City for long-term solutions and control. 801.997.9965

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