Critter Control bee removal can get rid of bees nest and bee problems through effective bee control and bee removal solutions. Our experts know how to get rid of bees and eliminate bee problems.

Bees can be found around Greater Salt Lake homes during the autumn months of the year. Bees typically make nests in openings and on exterior furniture and light fixtures. They will also set up residence under light fixtures, deck railings and eaves of area homes.



Bees appear in many different forms in the Salt Lake area. Through the many forms however, most show the obvious signs of being bees, hornets, or wasps: the yellow and black markings. Some have hair like the bumble bee and others are smooth. Either way, if they see you as a threat, they will sting and it will be painful, not to mention possibly deadly if you are allergic. When you see a nest or hive near your residence or business and it shouldn't be there, call us first at (801) 997-9965.

Types of Bees:

  • Honey 
  • Bumble
  • Carpenter


While honey bees can thrive in domesticated or natural environments, they generally prefer living in meadows, orchards, woodlands, gardens and any other areas where there is an abundance of flowering plants. Within the natural habitat of the honey bees, you will see them building nests under the edges of objects and inside tree cavities in order to hide themselves from predators. 


Bee problems are most noticeable during the fall, when bees are notorious for disrupting outdoor activities, especially when food or drinks are available. One way to implement bee control is to keep food or drinks covered while outdoors, which will help to get rid of bees when they are searching for food. It is important to take extra caution when shooing away bees to prevent stings or other bee problems. It is best to contact your Critter Control bee control specialist to safely provide bee removal.


The experts at Critter Control specialize in safe bee control and removal solutions. Sometimes bees can be difficult to control, particularly when the bee nests are concealed or difficult to access. Critter Control knows effective methods for getting rid of bees and their nests, and preventing bees from building future nests in the same location. In order to protect you and your family from getting stung during bee removal, it is best to contact a Critter Control expert who has the proper gear and bee control solutions.

If you are experiencing a bee problem in or around your home, contact the experts at Critter Control today at (801) 997-9965 for effective bee control solutions.

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