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Whether you have a problem with ants, yellow jackets or beetles, our team of trained technicians at Critter Control of Salt Lake City, will solve your insect control issue. We have the experience to solve your insect problem efficiently and effectively.

Common Insect Pests around Greater Salt Lake City

Ants are the most common pests in our area. Species range from fire ants to pavement ants, argentine ants and carpenter ants. You will find them in your home searching for food and water to take back to their colony. They enter through cracks and crevices in your foundation, and around your windows and doors.

Spiders are frequently spotted around Salt Lake homes. Although the dangerous brown recluse spider has been rumored to live in the area, be rest assured that it does not. Instead you are likely to encounter such arachnids as funnel-web (hobo), cobweb (black widow), wolf, orb weaving, and ground spiders. Of these spiders, only the female black widow is considered dangerous to humans. Fortunately, black widows are sedentary and spend the majority of time in their webs.

Bees, wasps and hornets are never a welcome sight in and around one’s home, even if Utah is the beehive state. For most people, a sting from one of these insects will just be very painful, but for those in our population who suffer from allergic reactions due to stings, it can be deadly. Have us take care of your sting insect problem today!

Other insect pests found in the greater Salt Lake City area include carpet and warehouse beetles, armyworms and cutworms, longhorned and roundheaded wood borers, assassin bugs, and ground beetles. Carpet and warehouse beetles are the most common indoor pest in Utah. They live outdoors, but come inside to infest foods and consume pet and animal hair. They also feed on leather furnishings, wool sweaters and other dead insects.

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